What's up guys! 

We're a POP/R&B duo based out of Charlotte, NC. Kristian Lietzan on vocals & guitar and Josh Scott on drums. We currently have one single out on all platforms but are fine-tuning new singles as you read, coming from our love of dance, hip-hop, and Prince, accompanied by our experience in love, heartbreak, and the nights we can’t forget. 

We believe that when somebody dances like no one is watching, they enter into a world where they are everything they were always supposed to be. 100% free. The name Leffty is the story of Kristian. He was born with an abnormality in his left ear, which disfigures the structural bones in the human ear, and closes the ear canal, preventing all hearing through that ear. His parents overcompensated for every fear that he might feel "different" or "unwanted". When he was 19, he found out about a surgery that could repair his hearing as well as the appearance. He got his hearing fixed, but when asked about restructuring, he declined because he had truly embraced the anomaly that was him. Leffty is the name because we want our flaws to be our names. Something recognizable that can inspire our listener to be free from everything weighing them down. With our music we hope to give everyone a chance to truly embrace their, "Leffty", and maybe dance with somebody new. 

We have a slew of new singles releasing later this year and we are so hyped to share it with you. Follow us on IG: @Leffty_Official to stay up to date with us!

Let's dance!